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Aggies Dream


We want the dream of higher education to be accessible to all students. For undocumented students, this dream may be harder to realize. It is our goal in the Access and Diversity Center to provide mentorship and resources as we remain abreast of policies affecting current and future undocumented students. In addition, we strive to increase campus and community-wide awareness of experiences and policies that affect our undocumented students with and without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) through advocacy, education, and training. As part of Aggies Dream, there is a club called Aggie Dreamers United on campus. This group is composed of Dreamers and Allies dedicated to improving the academic lives of undocumented students at USU by providing a safe space to network, seek out resources, and share experiences. In addition, this student organization strives to provide education to the community about undocumented student experiences, and participate in campus-wide initiatives. For more information, email Sofia Rodriguez Walter or

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