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Name Building Campus Department Affiliation
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Tayler Mountford 2500 South State Street, Floor 5 Salt Lake Campus Academic Advisor Academic Advisor
Melanie Chambers TSC 305 Logan Academic Success Center Academic Advisor
Shelby Frauen-Riddle TSC 102 Logan Admissions Advisor
Sue Reeves JQL125 Logan Aggies Elevated (SPER) Community Affiliate
Christopher Phillips DE 311 Logan AIS Department Head
Mitchell Colver DE 400 Logan AIS Doctoral Student
Paul Jakus AGRS 226 Logan Applied Economics Emeritus Professor
Laura Gelfand FAV 120 Logan Art + Design Faculty
Marissa Vigneault FAV 144 Logan Art + Design Faculty
Alexa Sand FAV 112 Logan Art + Design Faculty
Janet Hancock FAV 122 Logan Art + Design Faculty
Zaira Art Museum Logan Art Museum Faculty
Denise Stewardson ASTE 101B Logan ASTE Faculty
Lucy Delgadillo FL 308A Logan ASTE Faculty
Elizabeth Vargis ENGR 402M Logan Biological Engineering Faculty
Karen Kapheim BNR 251 Logan Biology Faculty
Alan H. Savitzky BNR 127 Logan Biology Faculty
Michael Piep Junction Basement - IntermountainHerbarium Logan Biology Faculty
Monica Schruhl BNR 135 Logan Biology Faculty
Crissy Downs-Cisneros DE 310 Logan Business Services Faculty
Angela Black Neff UR 111 Logan Caine College of the Arts Advising Faculty
Casem Talbot Aggie Recreation Center ARC 106D Logan Campus Recreation Faculty
Daniel Lawrence Aggie Recreation Center Logan Campus Recreation Faculty
Amy Kleiner Taggart Student Center 306 Logan CAPS Faculty
Donna Crow University Inn, ground level Room 102 Logan Career Services Faculty
Todd Milovich TSC 302A Logan Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning Faculty
Kristin Brubaker TSC 318 Logan Center for Community Engagement Faculty
George Wootton Center for Persons with Disabilities, room 317 Logan Center for Persons with Disabilities Faculty
Stephanie Bagnell TSC 309 Logan Center for Women & Gender Faculty
Reni McBride TSC room 309 Logan Center for Women & Gender Faculty
Ann Austin TSC 309 and FL 127 Logan Center for Women and Gender and Department of Human Development and Family Relations Faculty
Reid J. Youmans TSC 302 Logan CHaSS Advising Center Faculty
Vicki Read Library 131 Logan Circulation Faculty
Laurie McNeill ENGR 216 Logan Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty
Brittan Barker 128 ECERC Logan Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Faculty
Carolyn Ball 2500 South State Street Salt Lake Campus Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education Faculty
Nick Flann Old Main 420 Logan Computer Science Faculty
LuAnn Helms TSC 306 Logan Counseling and Psychological Services Faculty
Mark Innocenti CPD Logan CPD Faculty
Sarah Timmerman CCA 201 Logan Dean's - Caine College of the Arts Faculty
Claudia Radel NR 104A Logan Dean's Office; ENVS Faculty
Sandra UR 112 Logan Department of Art and Design Faculty
Nanda Grow Old Main 245H Logan Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Faculty
Nancy Mesner NR 232 Logan Dept of Watershed Sciences Faculty
Lindsey Wiltshire Junction Room 101C Logan Dining Services Faculty
Erin Brewer BNR 215 Logan Ecology Faculty
Andreas Leidolf USTAR 650 305D Logan - Innovation Campus Ecology Center/iUTAH EPSCoR Faculty
Jill DeVilbiss EBLS #134 Logan Edith Bowen Laboratory School Faculty
Janet Roberts EDUC 453 Logan EEJCEHS - Dean's Office Faculty
Rev. Scott Thalacker 930 N 400 W Logan ELCA Faculty
Angela (Angie) Minichiello ENGR 217 Logan Engineering Education Faculty
Joyce Kinkead RBW 309 Logan English Faculty
Jennifer Sinor RBW Logan English Faculty
Jared S. Colton RWST 204C Logan English Faculty
Brock Dethier Family Life 201B Logan English Faculty
ryan moeller Ray B. West, room 312b Logan English Faculty
Shane Graham RWST 420C Logan English Faculty
Dustin Crawford RWST 312E Logan English Faculty
Lynne S. McNeill RBW 301B Logan English/Folklore Faculty
Nat Frazer CNR 346 Logan Environment and Society Faculty
Nat B Frazer CNR 346 Logan Environment and Society Faculty
Peter Howe NR 218 Logan ENVS Faculty
Robert Schmidt NR 348 Logan ENVS Faculty
Deborah Reece Taggart Student Center 304 Logan Exploratory Advising Faculty
Ryan M. Braeger TSC 304 Logan Exploratory Advising Center Faculty
Thomas Graham Facilities 110 Logan Facilities Faculty
Alexi Lamm Facilities 110 Logan Facilities Faculty
Josh R. Novak Family Life 218 Logan FCHD Faculty
Mark Damen Main 307 Logan History Faculty
Victoria Grieve Old Main, Room 321 Logan History Faculty
James Sanders Old Main 323-E Logan History Faculty
Frances B. Titchener Main 310 Logan History Faculty
Melissa Allen OM 323 Logan History Faculty
Lawrence Culver Old Main 321 H Logan History Department Faculty
Aaron Walter Bullen 108 Logan Housing Faculty
Sofia Rodriguez Junction 16 Logan Housing Faculty
Maria Gates UWRL Rm 105 Logan Hydraulic Unit Faculty
Taira Nieves Old Main 076 Logan IELI Faculty
Victor Lee EDUC 227 Logan Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences Faculty
Kristin Searle EDUC 209 Logan Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences Faculty
Brian Belland EDUC 207 Logan Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Faculty
Nolan Weil 079 Old Main Logan Intensive English Language Institute Faculty
Darrin Brooks Family Life Logan Interior Design Faculty
Andrew Walker 215A Education Building Logan ITLS Faculty
Sheri Haderlie EDUC 284 Logan ITLS Faculty
Tom Terry AGRS 318 Logan JCOM Faculty
Debra Jenson AGRS 316 Logan JCOM Faculty
John M. Kras EDD HPER 130 Logan KHS Faculty
Vicky Larsen HPER 156 Logan Kinesiology and Health Science Faculty
Julie Gast HPER 138 Logan Kinesiology and Health Science Faculty
Phillip Waite UR 122A Logan LAEP Faculty
Karin deJonge-Kannan Old Main 002-J Logan Lang/Phil/CommSt Faculty
Cacilda R̻go Old Main 211 Logan Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies Faculty
Jennifer Peeples Main 213 Logan Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies Faculty
Rachel Wishkoski Merrill-Cazier Library Logan Learning & Engagement Services Faculty
Dory Cochran Merrill-Cazier Library, Room 115 Logan Learning & Engagement Services Faculty
Kevin Brewer Merrill-Cazier Library - Rm. 236 Logan Library Faculty
Betty Rozum Merrill-Cazier Library, 202 Logan Library Faculty
Gaby LeBeau Merrill-Cazier Library room 236 Logan Library Faculty
Darcy Pumphrey Merrill-Cazier Library, Rm 202 Logan Library Faculty
Jim Rogers Old Main 071 Logan LP & CS Faculty
Sarah Gordon 341-B Logan LPCS Faculty
Jason Gilmore Main 002F Logan LPCS Faculty
Felipe Valencia GEOL 417B Logan LPCS Faculty
JP Spicer-Escalante Main 212 Logan LPCS Faculty
Ronda Calllister EBB 408 Logan Management Faculty
Polly Conrad EBB 707 Logan Management Information Systems Faculty
Ryan Berke ENGR 419P Logan Mechanical Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Faculty - Associate Professor
Taci Watterson-Balls B715 Logan MIS Faculty Staff
Kathy Chudoba EBB 703 Logan MIS Department / Huntsman School of Business Faculty; Associate Dean
Emily Ezola FAC 214 Logan Music Faculty/Staff
Cary Youmans FA 102 Logan Music Professional Staff
Karin Allen NFS 328a Logan NDFS Professor
Carrie Durward NFS 242-A Logan NDFS Staff
Andrea DeHaan Art Museum M002B Logan NEHMA Staff
Katie Davidson Military Science Rm 115C Logan Office of Global Engagement Staff
Kathleen Fretwell Military Science 118 Logan Office of Global Engagement Staff
Karalee Ransom SER 250 Logan Physics Staff
Kelly Kopp AGRS 334 Logan Plants, Soils Climate Staff
Jeanette Norton 340 AGRS Logan Plants, Soils and Climate Staff
Anna Pechenkina Old Main 328D Logan Political Science Staff
Colin Flint 320D Old Main Logan Political Science Staff
veronica ward Old Main 324E Logan Politicial Science Staff
Joshua Parmenter EDU 448 Logan Psychology Staff
Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez EDUC 425 Logan Psychology Staff
Jennifer Grewe EDUC 495 Logan Psychology Staff
Camille Odell EDUC 482 Logan Psychology Staff
Amy Odum Education 456 Logan Psychology Staff
Donna Gilbertson Education Rm 494 Logan Psychology, School Psychology Program Staff
Rikki K. Wheatley-Boxx CPD/HSRC 104 Logan Public School Partnership, TEAL Staff
John DeVilbiss Public Relations Building Logan Public Relations Marketing Staff
Maren Aller (previously Carwright) Public Relations and Marketing Bldg. Room 206 Logan Public Relations and Marketing Staff
Nicole Vouvalis MAIN 155 Logan Research and Graduate Studies Staff
Whitney Milligan Housing and Residence Life, Rm. 137 Logan Residence Life staff
Carol Kochan Merril Cazier Library Room 234 Logan Resource Sharing Staff
Jeff Broadbent OM159 or NDFS 314A Logan RGS and NDFS Staff
Scott Bates OM162A Logan RGS, Psychology Staff
Felicia Gallegos Health & Wellness Center Logan SAAVI Staff
Steven Camicia Education Building Logan School of Teacher Education and Leadership Staff
Fawn Groves EDUC 338 Logan School of Teacher Education and Leadership Staff
Michael Wojcik SDL - Innovation Campus SDL - Innovation Campus SDL Staff
Jennifer Givens Old Main 216E Logan Sociology Staff
E. Helen Berry (Eddy) 224K Old Main Logan Sociology staff
Christy Glass 224F Old Main Logan Sociology Staff
Clint Pumphrey LIB 035 Logan Special Collections Staff
Sarah Pinkelman EDUC 314 Logan Special Education Staff
Kaitlin Bundock Emma Eccles Jones Education building, room 327 Logan Special Education Rehabilitation Staff
Trenton Landon Emma Eccles Jones Education Bldg. Room #322 Logan Special Education Rehabilitation Counseling Staff
Tyra Sellers Education Building325 Logan Special Education and Rehabilitation Staff
Jeff Sheen CPD room 013 Logan SPER Staff
Courtney Flint 216G Logan SSWA Staff
Stephen VanGeem Old Main 224D Logan SSWA Staff
Bonnie Glass-Coffin Old Main 245A Logan SSWA staff
Terry Peak Main 239 Logan SSWA Social Work Staff
Lisa Hancock TSC 105 Logan Student Orientation and Transition Services Staff
Jenny Erazo TSC Room 311 Logan Student Affairs Staff
Chris Chapman TSC Room 306 Logan Student Affairs Staff
Anthonie Nichols University Inn 139 Logan Student Support Services Staff
Amber Rae Childers Laub Rm 310 Logan Student-Athlete Academic Services/Athletics Staff
Sherry Marx Education 341 Logan Teacher Education and Leadership Staff
Sandra Martinez EBLS 232C Logan TEAL Staff
Adrianne Moore FA 232A Logan Theatre staff
Matt Omasta UR 125 Logan Theatre Arts Staff
Jennifer Caines 0106 Old Main Hill, TSC Room 102 Logan Undergraduate Admissions Staff
Dr. Kristine Miller LLCA 103 Logan University Honors Program and English Staff
Andrea Carroll 1600 Canyon Rd Room 213 Logan Utah Water Research Laboratory Staff
Krystin Deschamps TSC 220 Logan Vice President for Student Affairs Staff
Sarah Null NR 354 Logan Watershed Sciences Staff Student
Helga Van Miegroet BNR 157 Logan Wildland Resources Staff Assistant
Eugene "Geno" Schupp BNR 373 Logan Wildland Resources Staff, Faculty, Student
Chris McGinty JQL 233 Logan Wildland Resources Staff/Faculty