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Nontraditional Student Association (NTSA)


The Nontraditional Student Association (NTSA) is a great way to stay connected at Utah State. We’re a student governed organization, we host regular activities, and we can be a big part of your support system on campus. Come get involved!


  • President: Aaron Fine
  • Vice President: Jennifer Sibal
  • Secretary: Aubrey Squires


Get Involved

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 Facebook club page Official club page for announcements and club business.
 Facebook social page Nontraditional student social page for nontrad members to chat and stay connected.

NTSA Structure & Function


The Nontraditional Student Association (NTSA) is led by an Executive Council composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Specialist, and Family-Friendly Activity Specialist. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer officers receive a scholarship which requires them to carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester and obtain a 2.75 semester GPA during their service. Other council members should carry a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester, and obtain a 2.75 semester GPA during their service. The Student Association will be advised by the Access & Diversity Center Nontraditional Program Coordinator(s).

Board Member Time Commitment

Board members agree to fulfill a minimum 5 hour per month commitment engaged in activities as described in Board Responsibilities.

Board Responsibilities

  1. Advisory Board Meeting. The Board will meet once per month. The Board will utilize email (and/or other forms of electronic communication) as a main source of communication, not meetings.
  2. NTSA Club Meeting/Activity. The Board will host one activity per month for Nontraditional Students and NTSA members. It will be the Board's responsibility to plan and execute this activity.
  3. Feedback. The Board will provide feedback and input, as well as solicit feedback from peers, regarding the efficacy of Access & Diversity Center's programming in meeting the needs of Nontraditional students at Utah State University.

Apply to be a NTSA Board Member by submitting this Application.