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Latinx Student Union Constitution

Section One

The official name of this organization shall be the “LatinX Student Union” (L.X.U.)

Section Two

The club shall operate as a non-profit organization.

Section Three

The club shall abide by the applicable rules and policies of Utah State University pertaining to the student organizations.

LatinX Student Union is an organization to promote the LatinX culture and awareness at Utah State University and the surrounding community. Its purpose is to provide social and academic support and awareness for LatinX students with Utah State University Student Association (USUSA), administrators, and educators at USU. LXU exists to promote the equal rights of LatinX students as well as all minorities. We work to educate ourselves about all cultures, in turn; we seek to educate others about our culture. LXU membership is extended to all individuals.

  1. A voting member is a student or faculty member of USU who agree with the Mission Statement and attends at least half of all LXU meetings and functions.
  2. If there should ever arise a situation in which an individual’s “voting member” status is in question, the Executive Council shall have the ultimate decision in deeming that person a voting member.
  3. General Membership is open to all Cache Valley communities and members without regard to race, creed, sex, national origin, handicap or religion.
  4. Recruitment of membership shall take place year round.
  1. Advisor and Multicultural Intern: LXU will have an advisor and intern, appointed by the Access & Diversity Center Director, whose responsibilities will be:
    1. To act as a resource person to LXU.
    2. To aid in seeking financial resources for LXU activities/events.
    3. To work with LXU officers.
    4. To advise the LXU President on administrative affairs pertaining to University officials.
  2. President:
    1. To act as official spokesperson for LXU.
    2. To establish goals and objectives for LXU.
    3. To work directly with LXU advisor, Director of Access & Diversity Center, USUSA officials, and other administrative offices of USU.
    4. To authorize budget and allocation of money.
    5. To appoint committees as deemed necessary.
    6. To assemble all LXU members.
    7. To call and establish date of elections in the Spring.
    8. To delegate authority and responsibility to other LXU officers as needed.
    9. To call meetings as they deem necessary or as per request of other LXU officers and/or members.
    10. If the president/vice president cannot attend a club activity/event, they must delegate an officer to oversee the activity.
    11. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    12. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    13. Participate in recruiting.
  3. Vice-President:
    1. To fill in a Presidential vacancy in case of absence, resignation, or illness.
    2. To assist the President in all club decisions.
    3. To assist the President in their duties.
    4. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    5. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    6. Participate in recruiting.
    7. If the president/vice president cannot attend a club activity/event, they must delegate an officer to oversee the activity.
  4. Secretary:
    1. To take roll and minutes at each LXU meeting.
    2. To assist the LXU Public Relations Officer.
    3. To organize and maintain agendas and attendance records of meetings and functions.
    4. To maintain records of club volunteer hours.
    5. To maintain records of voting members and supporter.s
    6. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    7. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    8. Participate in recruiting.
  5. Treasurer:
    1. To make available and update a bi-monthly Treasurer’s Report.
    2. To make available updated finance records upon the request of other LXU officers.
    3. To report LXU finances at least monthly to the President.
    4. To prepare a year-end financial report.
    5. To assist in the preparation of all budget proposals.
    6. To keep a detailed record of all PO’s, receipts, and other financial documents.
    7. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    8. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    9. Participate in recruiting.
  6. Public Relations / Historian:
    1. To work with the Statesman and other media in publication of articles, announcements, advertisement, editorial rebuttals, etc.
    2. To assist LXU officers and members in advertisement of functions.
    3. To update and manage all social media pages.
    4. To establish and maintain public relations with other Latino organizations.
    5. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    6. Responsible for informing the multicultural intern on current events and updates needed on the Access & Diversity Center website related to the club on a monthly basis.
    7. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    8. Participate in recruiting.
  7. Activities Coordinator:
    1. Coordinate weekly activity meetings as well as monthly club activities for the organization every semester.
    2. Attend the planned activities.
    3. Maintain a report of attendance and participation for every activity.
    4. Attend weekly club meetings and activities.
    5. Organize a group scrapbook of the club’s meetings, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    6. In the event that there is a vacancy in the position, they must delegate an officer to oversee the activity.
    7. Participate in recruiting.
  1. To attend all LXU meetings and functions unless otherwise arranged.
  2. To assist in planning and organization of all LXU functions and meetings.
  3. To actively support other LXU officers and members.
  4. To provide a tentative agenda at the beginning of each semester.
  1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Activities Coordinator, Public Relations and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of all official voters in the Spring election. Elected officers will take office the following Fall.
  2. In the event that an executive office is vacant, the existing Executive Council will determine if it is necessary that the position(s) be filled. Once it has been decided by the Council, the Council will then nominate and vote on the nominee(s). Further, in the event that an Executive Council does not exist, the Access & Diversity Center will appoint the President. The President will then follow the same procedure to fill the executive offices that are vacant.
  1. Meetings will be held as deemed necessary.
  2. Meetings will follow a formal procedure.
  3. Anyone is welcome to attend LXU meetings, but only voting members may vote on issues in the meeting.
  1. General Eligibility Rules:
    1. A person must identify with Article I, Section I and understand and support the promotion of LatinX culture and must also have been a member for two consecutive semesters of the present academic year, and be a student of USU to run for and hold the office of President or Vice-President.
    2. President or Vice-President must be of LatinX descent.
    3. A person must have one semester of membership and be a student of USU to run for and hold Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator or Public Relations offices.
    4. In order to be eligible for the positions, they must maintain at least 12 credit hours and earn a 2.5 GPA per semester.
    5. A person must complete an election application to run for any position.
    6. All eligible candidates for office must submit a speech to the members.
  2. Nominations:
    1. In the case that nominations are needed, they will take place during an LXU general body meeting.
    2. Any LXU member who is eligible to vote in meetings, may nominate themselves or another LXU member.
  3. Voting for Candidates:
    1. Only those persons who have completed an application or nominated will have their names on the ballot.
    2. There will be write-in candidates allowed and a space will be provided on the ballot for write-ins.
    3. For contest with more than one candidate:
      1. The candidate earning the greatest number of votes is elected.
      2. In the case of a tie, the two candidates with the highest votes shall participate in run-off elections until a candidate is elected.
    4. For a contest with only one candidate:
      1. In the case that there are no write-ins, that candidate shall take the office.
      2. In the case of a tie between the candidate and the write-in, run-off elections shall take place until a candidate is elected.
  4. Voting Procedures:
    1. Elections will take place at a date(s) which are to be set by the President.
    2. The Election volunteers will have a list of eligible voters.
    3. All voters will register with the election volunteers with a signature.
    4. Voters will be given one ballot and may only vote once, with exception to a run-off election.
    5. After the one vote, the voter’s ballot is final.
  5. Counting of Ballots:
    1. Ballots will be counted by the LXU advisor
  6. Election Results:
    1. All election results will be formally prepared and submitted to the President and Advisor
    2. Election results will otherwise remain secret until they are posted.
    3. Results will be posted the last voting day at the Access and Diversity lounge. Nominees will be notified of the election results.
  1. Resignation:
    1. An officer has the opportunity to resign at any given time for any reason.
    2. The officer must submit a formal resignation in writing to the LXU Advisor, the LXU President, and the LXU general body.
    3. After the resignation has been submitted, it is final.
    4. The former officer shall not be excluded from full membership of LXU after their resignation from office.
  2. Impeachment:
    1. If an officer does not fulfill their duties as outlined by this constitution, or if the membership is extremely dissatisfied with an officer, a voting member or officer must submit a written Intention to Impeach, which includes reasons for this action, at an LXU meeting.
    2. The intention must be seconded and then accepted by a majority vote of members present.
    3. The officer being considered for impeachment will have an opportunity to resign or defend their position in the following LXU meeting.
    4. After the officer is given this opportunity, the members present will vote for or against the impeachment. A two-thirds majority of present voting members, is needed for impeachment.
  1. Amendments to this Constitution must be:
    1. Submitted to the President (not necessarily in writing).
    2. Passed by a two-thirds majority of officers and ratified by the majority of the members present at the time of voting.
  1. Funding:
    1. LXU will submit a budget proposal to USUSA diversity Vice President and the programming board prior to events.
    2. LXU can plan fundraisers throughout the year to increase budget.