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Latino Student Union (LSU)

2017-2018 High School Senior Scholarship application now available! Deadline: March 15, 2017

Our Mission

The Utah State University Latino Student Union promotes Latino culture and awareness on campus and in the surrounding community, and provides support to Latino students, administrators, and educators at USU. LSU exists to promote the equal rights of Latin students as well as all minorities. We work to educate ourselves about all cultures, and in turn, we seek to educate others about our culture. LSU membership is extend to all individuals and is not limited solely to persons of Latin heritage.


  • LSU President: Cirina Gonzales
  • LSU Vice President: Azalia Bocanegra
  • LSU Secretary: Pewee Sanchez
  • LSU Treasurer: Luis Hernandez


Get Involved


Day: Wednesday
Time: 4:00pm
Location: TSC 332B

Contact us at and join our email list

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