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Interfaith Student Association banner logo, meetings held Thursdays at 6:00 pm in the TSC MSS Lounge on the 3rd floor (fall and spring semesters)

USU Interfaith Student Association Constitution

Section1: The name of this club shall be the Interfaith Student Association, abbreviated IFSA

Section 2: The club shall operate as a non-profit organization.

Section 3: The club shall abide by applicable policies of the USUSA and the Utah State University code.

Section 4: This organization shall exist to promote interfaith dialogue on campus, facilitate interfaith cooperation, provide interfaith service opportunities, promote religious literacy, highlight shared values, and find resources for the interfaith initiative on Utah State University campus.

Section 5: This organization will provide USU students the opportunity to voice, engage, and act with people who orient around religion differently for the betterment of the community.

  1. Creating safe space for students to VOICE their beliefs
  2. ENGAGING students to learn more about those with different belief traditions in a safe and appreciative environment
  3. Bring students together to ACT in meaningful service activities

Section1: Membership is open to all students with no distinction based on race, creed, color, sex, national origin, faith or non-faith tradition, or disability.

Section 2: There will be 2 categories of membership: members and officers.

Section 3: Expectations:

  1. Must express an interest in the cause
  2. If detrimental to the club itself, individuals will be asked to leave
  3. After attending three consecutive meetings throughout one academic semester, the student will be issued a membership card
  4. To maintain membership, the student must attend at least three meetings per academic year

Section 4: Privileges

  1. Consideration for leadership after being a participant for two semesters
  2. Voting privileges during elections following one year of involvement
  3. The sponsorship for events and travel in interfaith-related activities
  4. Priority notification of events
  5. All events are open to the general USU population
  6. Discounts at fundraisers held by the Interfaith Student Alliance

Section1: There will be at least 5 officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Public Relations, and Treasurer. These positions will compose the Executive Committee. All officers must have served in the ISFA for the duration of 1 academic year in good standing and be a full time student at Utah State University.

Section 2:

  1. President - Call and run executive committee meetings, act as liaison between the Interfaith Initiative and the IFSA, develop year long goals and objectives, go to all committee meetings.
  2. Vice President - Support the president, act as liaison between the Interfaith Initiative and the IFSA, go to all committee meetings. Responsible for PR/Marketing oversight.
  3. Secretary - Keep meeting notes for executive committee, manage incoming emails, schedule executive committee meetings, maintain membership records, and reserve space for events.
  4. Public Relations/Marketing -Manage social media and event announcement
    -Manage recruiting events, aid in the maintenance of membership records.
    -Call and manage campus relations/resources committee meetings in order to maintain active relationships with all persons or groups as identified during the asset mapping of the Interfaith Initiative and help to develop curriculum
  5. Treasurer - Call and manage development committee meetings in order to look for funds, recruit, expand capacity to serve, and act as treasurer in order to support the actions of all other committees.

Section 3: Officers are elected at the end of the Spring semester each year. Members must submit an application for officer position to be reviewed and voted on by the current sitting officers and advisors. Officers may be removed from office if the advisor and president feel they are not fulfilling officer duties.

Section 4: General Officer Duties (applicable to all officers)

  1. Work very closely with the club advisor on all aspects of the club
  2. Attend ALL club meetings and functions unless otherwise arranged with club advisor/or President
  3. Work to foster service within the campus and community
  4. Assist in planning and organizing all club functions and meetings
  5. Actively support other club officers and members
  6. Review club constitution before each semester
  7. Be familiar with USU policy and procedure as it relates to student services
  8. Follow all USU rules and regulations as outline by USU policy
  9. Maintain minimum GPA requirements for appointed position and strive for academic excellence while in office (president and vice president must maintain a semester GPA of at least a 2.7 while all other officers are required to maintain a semester GPA of a 2.5 or higher)

Section 5: Failure of Officers and termination

  1. First Offense: A written warning
  2. Second offense: A verbal warning
  3. Third offense: Officer will be placed on probation. The terms of the probation will be established in a probation contract and will include deadlines by which terms must be met.
  4. Fourth offense: the executive committee with the advisor present will discuss officer’s removal. If the officer is removed from office, his/her position may be appointed to another student

Section1: The executive committee shall meet no less than bi monthly, and will be called by the President. Regular committee meetings shall be held no less than once a month and will be called by the president or by committee chair(s).

Section 2: Decisions for the IFSA are made by simple majority with veto power lying with the Advisor.

Section 3: Attendance will be taken at each of the events electronically. Check-in will include name and email address.

Section1: The club shall not provide monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its directors or membership except as payment for services rendered in the form of wages, salaries or incentives..

Section 2: Should the IFSA dissolve leaving residual assets; these assets shall be given to the Interfaith Initiative.