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Sex + Respect Week

Event Descriptions

8 Tips for Deepening Your Relationship Pool of Connection
By Dave Schramm, Family Life Extension Specialist/Assistant Professor

Strong couple relationships are often difficult to maintain over time. Most relationship pools experience “relation dehydration,” “loyalty leaks,” or naturally drift to isolation and boredom. Lack of attention results in loss of connection. But flourishing relationships are possible and we know more today about how to get there! Dr. Dave will discuss three ways relationship pools lose water and eight research-based ways you can add cups of connection to your relationship pool.

Abstinence-Tools to Support Your Choice
By Kayte LaBore, Pre-Doctoral Intern & Macy Keith, LGBTQA+ Program Coordinator

Build awareness of the variability of choices related to abstinence! Develop insights into your personal decision to remain abstinent by identifying limits and values while also practicing communication skills for discussing sexual behavior.

Alcohol and Consent (Primed for Life)
By Ryan Barfuss, Prevention Specialist Student Health Services

This presentation focuses on the effects of alcohol on the body, individual factors that influence intoxication, and strategies for low-risk drinking. This presentation emphasizes the point that the decision whether or not to drink is a personal choice that can only be made after weighing personal, legal, and social factors.

Sing Our Rivers Red (SORR) Earring Exhibit

Traveling earring exhibit raises awareness about murdered and missing indigenous women.

Becoming an Upstander: Bystander Intervention Training
By Macy Keith, Daniel Sorenson, and Evelyn Hernandez

A training for students to better understand and learn the basics of bystander intervention! The purpose of bystander intervention training is to prepare individuals with the skills and knowledge to intervene, before, during, or after a person witnesses violence, harm, or oppression of another person, group, or community.

Safer Sex 101
By Harsh Singh, Critical Care Technician, Logan Regional Hospital Emergency Department

Learn about safer sex practices, unsafe sex and STIs, options for contraception, and the importance of healthy communication!

Consent: Communicating about Sexual Activity
By Felicia Gallegos, Outreach and Advocacy Specialist for SAAVI

Consent: everyone has heard of it, but not everyone really understands it. This workshop will define consent in an applicable way for college students, look at the university's definition of consent, discuss bystander intervention and most importantly provide time for students to ask the questions they've always wondered.

Sex + Respect Panel
Panelists: Donalee Thomson FNP (Health and Wellness), Chief Mike Kuehn (USU Police), Macy Keith (Access and Diversity/LGBTQA+), Ryan Barfuss (Health and Wellness), Felicia Gallegos (SAAVI), Kayte LaBore (CAPS)

Ask your questions about consent, safer sex, sexual assault, LGBTQA+, and more to a panel from across campus including campus police, CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) and more!

Event Schedule
Event Time Presentation Location
September 5th
1:30pm-2:30pm 8 Tips for Deepening Your Relationship Pool of Connection TSC Auditorium
3:00pm-4:00pm Abstinence: Tools to Support Your Choice TSC Auditorium
September 6th
All Day Sing Our Rivers Red Across from TSC Ballroom
10am-2pm RedZone TSC Patio
12:30am-1:30pm Healthy Relationships Workshop TSC Auditorium
1:30-pm-2:30pm Alcohol and Consent TSC Auditorium
4:00pm-5:00pm Meet and Mingle with Campus Authority Central Campus Lawn
September 7th
All Day Sing Our Rivers Red Across from TSC Ballroom
1:30pm-2:30pm Safer Sex 101 TSC Auditorium
3:00pm-4:00pm Consent: Communicating about Sexual Activity TSC Auditorium
5:30-pm-7:00pm Self Confidence and Self Defense HPER 102
September 8th
12:30pm-2:00pm Sex + Respect Panel TSC West Ballroom
2:30pm-4:00pm Becoming an Upstander: Bystander Intervention Training TSC Auditorium